At Kapown Rehabilitation Centre
We Offer 5 different programs

56-Day Residential Treatment Program

This program allows the client to live in our 32 Bed facility.  This program is fully funded by NAADAP.

42-Day Out-Patient Program

This program runs in the community 3 days per week. This particular program allows the client to participate in an Evidence Based Treatment Program and still continue parenting and working.

6-Month 2nd Stage Program

This program was created to help clients that are completing the 56-Day program.  This program provides safe affordable housing along with Life skills training and work experience. All clients completing the 56- Day Residential Treatment Program are eligible to apply.  Our 42- Day out patient program is a Mandatory part of the 2nd Stage program.

Summer Family Camp

This camp is located on the North Shore of the Lesser Slave Lake.  It provides our in house clients the opportunity to bring their families to treatment with them.  We also accept anyone who has completed a Residential program and has 6 months of Sobriety.  Summer Camp is full of fun Cultural Activities and has some great opportunities for the Kids and Adults to learn new things.  Summer Family Camp runs for the Month of July every year.  Some of the recent camps have done boating, tubing, fishing, dry meat making and drum making. Our programing includes childcare so that the adults can still participate in their regular treatment.  We also offer youth programing for those 12 years and older.

Winter Camp

Winter camp runs for the Month of February and is only for current in house clients.  This is an opportunity for the clients to partake in winter type activities while still receiving evidence Based Programing. Our cabins are fully insulated and heated.

If you would like more detailed information, please call or contact us and we will gladly fax you our information package.

Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.